Twiporn: Taylor Haters to the Left Plus Kellan, Alex, Jackson and Chaske

March 28, 2010

Aaaaand the theme of the night is:

Via @justinemccrea

Taylor at the Kids Choice Awards

Via @BlackPack

Via Taylor Lautner Online

Via @TayLautnerOrg and @Apoloohno, respectively

More pics of Taylor at the KCAs here, here, here, here and here.

Kellan at Randall Emmett’s Birthday Bash

Who the fuck is Randall Emmett?

More at Kellan Lutz Online

New Pic of Alex


Jackson Gets Slimed!

More pics at Twilightish

Even more pics and a video of Jackson at the KCAs at Jackson Rathbone Online and Daily Rathbone

Chaske at UFC 111

Is this some kind of wrestling thing? Because that’s Brock Whatshisname (not Sampson, that’s the dude from Venture Bros.) And also, did Chaske wrestle? Because hawwwwwwwwwwwt.

Via BlackPack

Bonus Round: Holy Alex in Nothing But Buckskin, Batman!!!

These are from a film he did before New Moon. I’ve seen some shots before, but it totally bears repeating.

Oh, and I’m not sure what this is from, but it’s fuckhawt:

Twiporn: Aaaaaaaand Twiporn is back w/ Taylor, Rob, Chaske and Jackson!

March 27, 2010

*Sigh* I missed Twiporn dealing. It’s good to be back.

Be sure to check out Chim’s Little Black Book. I’ll be adding sites to the directory every so often. If you’d like to be an affiliate, hit me up on Twitter.

Oh, and a HUGE CONGRATS to @egregiousgirl, who is 5 weeks pregnant! She has already promised I get to om nom her uterus (EPIC).

Another Not-At-All-Cheezy Star Ambassador Video w/ Taylor

Via Taylor Addiction, where you can also find the screencaps

Pics with the Star Ambassador winners

These and a few more pics of Taylor with the winners at Taylor Addiction.

Rob Interview + New HQ Candids

Via Robert Pattinson Life

Rob Beanieward leaving The Lyric theater Friday night:

More HQ shots at Robsessed and some not-so-HQs at Robert Pattinson Life

I don’t know Chaske is selling here, but my ladyparts just ordered a lifetime supply

Via BlackPack

Jackson and 100 Monkeys in Arkansas

More at Jackson Rathbone Online

Twiporn: Going on Hiatus

March 2, 2010

I’ve got a lot going on in the RL and with some other sites I’m working with, so I’m going to put Twiporn on hold for now. I’ll still be RTing stuff on my Twitter account.

Twiporn: Evening Canoodle with Rob, Taylor, Kellan, Jackson,

February 28, 2010

Gonna do linkspam today because I’m a day and a half behind, and I’ve just taken on yet another project…


HQ Outtakes from John Russo Shoot

Pic: Leaving Spago in Beverly Hills


Compilation of BAFTA Pics

Another Compilation of BAFTA Pics

New Pics from Backstage at the BAFTAs

Pics: Kristen, Rob and TomStu Arriving at JFK in NYC

Video: MTV Rough Cut talks to Rob and Emilie

Pics of Rob at the Remember Me Premier Junket

More Pics at the Remember Me Premier Junket


Pics: Kellan Spotted at Gas Station

Pics: Kellan at Armani Exchange Party

Old pic of Jackson in PopStar Magazine

Kiowa and Charlie

Videos of Kiowa and Charlie at Eternal Twilight 3

Twiporn: Nooner with Rob, Taylor, Kellan, Peter and Justin

February 26, 2010

TONS of Sexy Taylor Outtakes

MANY more at Taylor Lautner Source

‘Ask Rob’ No. 7

Via Spunk Ransom. You can find the screencaps at Robsessed

Pic of Rob with Fan Last Night in London

Quality is terrible. It was taken at a London pub called Macbeth.

Via Robsessed

New New Moon Pic

Via Spunk Ransom

New/Old Kellan Pic from Teens for Jeans Event

Via @eyebehold

SUPER CUTE Pics of PFach and JFach at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Via Twifans

Justin Chon at TwiTour

I hereby dedicate this Justin porn to @Itslapushbaby ;)

Via Creation Entertainment

Twiporn: Evening canoodling with Rob, Taylor, Kellan, Chaske, Jackson, Kiowa and Naked Snowboarderward

February 26, 2010

zOMG Rob’s gonna be on The Daily Show!!!! FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!

Updated TV Appearance Schedule:

March 1
Today: Robert Pattinson
Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson

March 2
The View: Robert Pattinson
The Daily Show: Robert Pattinson

March 3
Craig Fergusson: Michael Sheen

March 10
The Tonight Show: Kristen Stewart

March 12: The Tonight Show: Dakota Fanning

Via Twilight Lexicon

Oh, and apparently Rob’s upcoming film Water for Elephants, which had changed its name to Circus, is now once again called Water for Elephants. Jesus, can we just cut the crap and call it That Elephant Movie with Rob?

New Pic of Rob at His Sister Lizzy’s Show

Via Robsessed

Screencaps of Kellan from Latest Nightmare trailer

The rest at Kellan Lutz Online

ClevverTV Interviews Chaske

Via Pink Paws Movement

Bigger version of Sam/Leah Pic <33333

Via EclipseMovie.Org

New/Old Rathbonage

UHQ versions of a Jackson photoshoot:

More at Lion & Lamb Love

Beautiful People promo stills:

More at Jackson Rathbone Online

Videos of Kiowa at Eternal Twilight 3 in the UK

Also featuring Tinsel Korey!

Via BlackPack

Bonus Round: Naked Snowboarderward

Via Robnipulations

Excuse me while I apply the brain bleach:

Ahhhhhhhh, that’s better.

Twiporn: New Moon Deleted Scene plus Taylor, Kellan, and Charlie

February 25, 2010

It’s been a light morning…

New Moon Deleted Scene from Target DVD

Target is previewing a deleted scene featured on its version of the DVD.

Via NewMoonMovie.Org, where you can also find a few screencaps from the clip.

New/Old Outtakes of Taylor

I’m anticipating outtakes from another photoshoot, too. When they’re up, I’ll update and notify you via Twitter.

Via Taylor Lautner Source

Spoiler Alert: Kellan’s Gonna Bite It

The new A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer features Kellan! And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m quite the connoisseur of this particular genre and I’m here to tell you: Kellan is waaaaaayyy to pretty to survive a horror flick.

Via Kellan Lutz Online

Photogs be box-blockin’

So there are these “new” pics of Kellan that have been floating around the interwebs since last night. I would have posted them, but it turns out, they’re stolen from photographer Collin Stark’s Web site. Apparently, he’s not too keen on letting people post them elsewhere. So in order to stay out of trouble, I’ll just provide the link and direct you to them.

Collin Stark Photography

At the top right of the site, you’ll see links. There are two Kellan pics at the beginning of “Book 2″ and four shots in “Book 3.”


Charlie Interviewed at Eternal Twilight 3

Via EclipseMovie.Org, where you can also find a few pics and a full write-up about the UK event

Twiporn: Taylor Doing Taylor Things and Some Jackson Action

February 25, 2010

It’s all Taylor this evening so I just put everything into one gallery.

Lots of Taylor pics of Taylor Doing Taylor Things…AND OMG NEW FUCKHAWT MEN’S HEALTH OUTTAKES!!!!!!


Oh, I’m sorry…

White T-shirt pics are Taylor leaving Lindsey Lohan’s house a brothel a strip club a bar a friend’s house Chuck E. Cheese the gym in LA today. The Danny Zuko leather jacket pics are new/old shots of Taylor leaving the Hope for Haiti Telethon.

***UPDATE*** HQ versions of the white T-shirt pics now available at Taylor Lautner Source.

***UPDATED AGAIN*** WITH 5 NEW MEN’S HEALTH OUTTAKES!!!!!!!! Thanks Taylor Lautner Source!!!!

Via Taylor-Lautner.Net

Bonus Round: Consider Yourself RathBONED

Via @Jazzled4Life

Twiporn: Afternoon Delight with Rob, Taylor, Kellan, Jackson, Chaske, Alex, Gil, Kiowa, Jamie, Charlie and Billy!

February 24, 2010

Kellan’s doing a Christmas movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be Christmas unless he’s naked.

Meanwhile, Rob, Kristen, Dakota and Michael Sheen are hitting the talk show circuit for Remember Me, The Runaways and Alice in Wonderland, respectively:

March 1
Today Show: Robert Pattinson
Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson

March 2
The View: Robert Pattinson

March 3
Craig Fergusson: Michael Sheen

March 10
The Tonight Show: Dakota Fanning, and Kristen Stewart

Via Twilight Lexicon

Shift the Power to the People PSA

Leading with this because it’s a very important issue. The PSA features Chaske, Alex, Gil, Booboo and Julia!

Via BlackPack

Ask Rob Video No. 6

Via Robert Pattinson Life, where you can also find the screencaps.

New Shots of Rob from the New Moon Press Conference

37 more at Robert Pattinson Life

FAPtastic Outtakes from Taylor’s LG Shoot

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ…

Via BlackPack

I’m giving the ones on the couch a Daffy Award:

Fucking U N F.

Taylor Gets His Steak On – HQ

As if I didn’t associate the words “Taylor” and “Meat” enough, he hits Sunset Strip in LA for some steak.

Lots more at Taylor Lautner Source, and E! Online has video.

Kellan Does a PSA for PETA

Warning: Video is graphic. No, srsly. There is a shot of a guy actually clubbing a baby seal. I shit you not. I thought that shit only happened in sarcasm.

Via EclipseMovie.Org

Print ad:

Via Kellan Lutz Online

The Best Ship Ever at the Burberry Fashion Show in London – HQ

Via Lion & Lamb Love

Just When You Thought He Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Sexier…

…he comes up with this shit. *Passes the ShamWow*

Via @thealexmeraz

Pics from Two 100 Monkeys Shows

Love this shot of Jackson from The Venue:

More from that show here. Check them out. They’re amazing.

You can also find more pics from the band’s Glass House show here.

Via Jackson Rathbone Online

Kiowa and Charlie at Eternal Twilight in the UK

Tons more at BlackPack

Two more pics of Kiowa and Gil at the RES2010 convention

The second one’s blurry, but fuck it – it’s Kiowa lounging in a bed…

Via BlackPack

New Old Pics of Billy Burke Playing Poker

The rest are at Foforks.

Via EclipseMovie.Org

Bonus Round: This is DYING for a Caption

Add yours in the comments!

Twiporn: Afternoon Grabass w/ Rob, Taylor, Kellan, Alex, Jackson, Chaske, Kiowa, Gil, Charlie, Cam & the Kitchen Sink

February 23, 2010

So my computer was out of commission last night, right when the Internet exploded and Twiporn was coming out of every orifice. So I’m playing one huge game of grabass catch-up.

Also, Rob’s appearance on the Today Show on March 1 has been confirmed by the show’s official Twitter.

The Award Show That Refuses to Die

*sigh* Here’s some more BAFTA shit…

Video of all the BAFTA segments featuring Twilight stars:

Via Twifans

Spunk Ransom has video of E! News coverage of Rob at the BAFTAs.

New Remember Me TV Spot

Have we seen this whole movie yet? I’m having New Moon flashbacks.

Video is at Robsessed. I can’t embed because WordPress is F A I L.

Taylor is Still Looking for the Key to His Chastity Belt an LG Ambassador

Video of Taylor’s latest LG spot is at BlackPack because, again, embed is FAIL. You can find the screen caps at Taylor Addiction.

New Outtakes from Valentine’s Day Shoot – HQ

Via EclipseMovie.Org and Taylor-Lautner.Net

New Kellan Pics

At the Nine Zero One Salon Grand Opening and Book Party:

More at Kellan Lutz Online

Furniture Shopping in LA – HQ:

More at Kellan Lutz Online

New TV Spot for The Last Airbender

No new Jackson scenes, but this movie looks amazeballs.

Via EclipseMovie.Org

Chaske, Kiowa and Gil at the RES2010 conference

OMG the guy on the right played The Indian in the Cupboard!

More at BlackPack’s Photobucket

BlackPack also has video of the panel discussion featuring Chaske, Kiowa and Gil. They show up around the 1:10:00 mark.

More pics of Chaske, Alex and Gil from the PSA Shoot

Also featuring Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart.

More at BlackPack’s Photobucket

Waiting for Your Wife and Kid to Get in the Car Before You Drive Off: Ur Doin’ It Wrong.

I gotta say, Cam’s “Shit They Got That On Camera” face is hysterical:

Via Twifans

Charlie at the Elle Style Awards

Via EclipseMovie.Org


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